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 Management is NOT leadership! While the two concepts are arguably interrelated, they are still decisively different. Management deals specifically with organizationally prescribed bureaucratic functions (such as planning, scheduling, supervision, hiring, firing, presiding, allocating, reporting, etc.), but leadership describes behavioral patterns or relationships that are valued by workers and are likely to transform workers from subordinates to followers, and managers into leaders. Yes, good management can produce effectiveness and efficiency in subordinates, but leadership produces greater effective and efficient performance in followers. This is because subordinates will perform as expected of them under good management, but followers perform beyond expectations under leaders. While a good manager gets compliance from subordinates through authorized power, the leader gets voluntary compliance from followers through endorsed power obtained through leadership behaviors and relationships with followers. While management functions are still necessary in organizations, several scientific studies have established that teams led by leaders far outperform those managed by managers. Hence, American corporations will be more successful with leaders than managers at the helm of operations. But what are those specific behaviors that may transform subordinates into followers, and consequentially transform the manager into a leader? 

At Crown Business Consulting, we conduct leadership seminars that give organizational executives, managers and supervisors specific leadership behaviors that transform subordinates into followers and, hence, managers into leaders, Our seminar content is backed by over 30 years of university teaching and scientific research in organizational science and leadership performance. Our leadership seminars are very engaging and highly informative. 

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Workers provide the means to ends in organizational hierarchy, hence, leadership behaviors shape organizational performance. That said, the list of leadership behaviors necessary for effective organizational performance can be endless.  Depending on the organization and particular positions, a leader needs to be effective in those behaviors that are necessary for enhanced team output. Therefore, leadership success is contingent on particular behaviors and competencies that must be recognized and measured to assess leadership effectiveness.

Our Assessment Method​
At Crown Business Consulting, LLC, we use our own designed and scientifically tested effective leadership assessment method called the Essential Behavioral Leadership Qualities [EBLQ] approach to assess leadership effectiveness. Unlike most other leadership effectiveness methods, our EBLQ method is standard-based. We assess the effectiveness of a leader in a particular position based on the levels of essential behaviors necessary for effective performance at the leader’s particular position. This means that we personalize our leadership assessment for each leadership position. What is necessary for leadership success at one level may be completely different from that of another level. Also, ​what is necessary to be an effective leader in one organization may be different from that of another organization.

The EBLQ Advantage

The EBLQ method of leadership assessment is different from other methods of leadership effectiveness assessment. This method refrains from the one-size-fits-all questionnaire approach by focusing only on standards-based leadership qualities [rather than managerial behaviors], that subordinates identify as necessary to transform them into followers. The EBLQ method produces four major outcomes (BACA OUTCOMES)

1) BENCHMARKING (Establishing EBLQ Benchmarks): The identification of command group-specific behavioral leadership qualities, and the determination of benchmark levels of those qualities for the transformation of the command group into followers, and consequentially transforming the group supervisor into a leader.  

2) ASSESSMENT (Effectiveness Assessment):  Assessment of the current levels of leadership performance of the group supervisor, based on the benchmark standards of expected essential behavioral leadership qualities determined by the command group. 

3) COACHING (Executive Coaching): The use of the results of the Effectiveness-Essentiality analysis to inform the supervisor of expected necessary areas of command group-specific leadership behaviors that are most likely to improve the success of the supervisor for greater job performance by the command group. 

4) ALIGNMENT (Leadership Behavioral Alignment): Through coaching, an alignment will be achieved between a supervisor’s leadership behaviors and leadership behaviors deemed essential by the supervisor’s command group, for improved job performance by the group. 

The EBLQ method can be used for organization-wide and industry-wide leadership assessment, as it is used for specific command group leadership assessment. 


Organizational leaders at every supervisory or management level can benefit significantly from executive coaching. Coaching allows an executive to run his/her ideas on important performance questions by a neutral person, the consulting coach, for non-biased assessments and guidance for actions. It is very common for managers and executives to not always see the entire picture of all relevant information and organizational activities necessary to effectively resolve the day-to-day concerns that the executive must manage. Even when the executive is well informed, too often, his/her approach to handling many issues are clouded with organizational tradition, experiential biases, latent values and a myriad of constraints that limit the executive’s perceived options for actions. At Crown Business Consulting, LLC, we provide executive coaching that takes all important organizational realities into considerations, but from a non-biased position, so as to open possibilities of  actionable options to the executive. Our coaching is strongly rooted in the sociological science of human behavior in organizations. We coach from proven intellectual scientific perspectives to provide suggestions that produce effective solutions to many areas of employee actions that may hinder organizational performance. We specialize our executive coaching in the areas of Effective Leadership Behaviors, Diversity Management, and Career Development. 


Many organizations seek continuing education and learning on diversity related issues for their executives, managers, supervisors and workers. Diversity seminars and workshops often prove to be very sufficient and effective for such organizational needs. Backed by several years of university curriculum development and professorship in race-ethnic relations and organization diversity management, Crown Business Consulting, LLC delivers intellectually accurate diversity seminars and workshops that are well grounded in sociological and social psychological processes of human behavior. Our seminars and workshops are lively, audience participatory, thought provoking, stimulating and intellectually rich. Our seminars are especially effective in understanding diversity, dealing with difference, integral inclusion and making diversity work for organizations. Through our seminars and workshops, organization leaders will learn how to effectively harness organizational diversity to enhance organizational performance, productivity and, hence, profit. We deliver both half day and all day seminars and workshops that meet the needs of our clients.     


  Today’s progressive organizations value  diversity inclusion. By diversity inclusion, progressive organizations try to expand their personnel and customer base to include a broad range of categories of people with fresh and diverse perspectives on problem solving. While many organizations are still primarily homogeneous in their employees and customer base, scientific studies on employee performance have shown that heterogeneous work groups are more productive than homogeneous work groups, and that heterogeneous customers expand market shares and revenues for organizations. While diversity inclusion is without doubt a productive venture, the concept of diversity implies “difference”, and difference must be well planned and managed to enhance organizational success. At Crown Business Consulting, LLC, we are well versed and skilled in making diversity work. We use advanced knowledge of sociological and social psychological principles of human behavior in mixed work-group settings to help clients develop and implement good diversity plans. We help clients develop and manage plans that include integral inclusion of diversity as well as managing diversity to eliminate or minimize unintended drawbacks of diversity.  


  Does your organization want to do research to get the opinions of your workers on various organizational issues and activities?    

Does your organization wish to know the opinions of its clients and customers?  

Does your organization want to know about general attitudes toward its products and services?   

Does your organization want to do a research to determine the best location to establish its new branch?   

Whatever question you wish to answer that requires social research, Crown Business Consulting, LLC is available to meet your research needs. Our research is grounded in years of professional scientific research experience. We do both statistical and non-statistical research. We are equally strong is conducting effective quantitative surveys and focus-group interviews with cutting edge analytical tools to give you the best knowledge upon which to make effective organizational decisions.