Leadership Performance Improvement



President, CEO and Principal Consultant

​A. "Olu" Oyinlade, BSc., MSc., PhD., President, CEO and Principal Consultant at Crown Business Consulting, LLC., obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics with a specialization in Credit and Financial Management from the University of Kentucky. His Master’s degree in Industrial Management from Central Missouri State University [now University of Central Missouri] emphasized Production Management and Organizational Human Relations, and his PhD from South Dakota State University emphasized Industrial/Organizational Sociology, Industrial Management, Theories of Human Behavior and Research.  Olu is well versed in advanced knowledge of structural analysis of employee behavior, employee performance and leadership effectiveness.                                                                                           

University Professorship  

As a university professor, Olu has taught college courses in organizations for about three  decades in Massachusetts, South Dakota and Nebraska. He has taught senior and graduate level courses in Complex Organizations, Formal Organizations, Organizational Human Relations, Social Aspects of Industry, Social Organizations and Social Diversity in Organizations. He has also developed a university curriculum in Organizational Sociology, and he has conducted research in many areas of organizations.         

Research in Organizations & Leadership    

Olu's research articles have been published in regional, national and international scientific journals. Among his publications is a leadership effectiveness assessment tool, the  “Essential Behavioral Leadership Qualities” [EBLQ] lumethod uses a  standards-based approach to determine leadership effectiveness. The EBLQ is also very effective in leadership coaching because it allows a leader to know where he/she is very effective or less effective based on what are essential for effectiveness in his/her particular position from the perspective of his/her subordinates. Currently, Olu is conducting a comprehensive nation-wide study of job satisfaction and why workers commit to their organizations.     

Consulting and Executive Coaching
Aside from his scientific research on leadership and employee behaviors, Dr. Oyinlade is well experienced in organizational consulting and executive coaching as well as training and supervising student-consultants. His consulting practices span across a diverse range of organizations across multiple industries. As an Industrial/Organizational Sociologist, he focuses on the analysis of structural and systemic determinants of organizational performance problems and he provides solutions that are strongly rooted in structural or systemic adjustments for effective solutions.

Among his many professional accomplishments as a professional sociologist, Dr. Oyinlade has been elected and served as the Vice President and President of the Great Plains Sociological Association, and he has been elected and served as a national councilman on the national council of Alpha Kappa Delta, the international sociology honor society. In addition he has served on the governing board of directors of the Midwest Sociological Society (MSS), and he has served as the chairman of the Minority Scholars Committee for the MSS. Dr. Oyinlade was also once the director of a university academic honor program. He has curriculum development expertise, and he has supervised both undergraduate and graduate thesis research. In 2009, his biographical record was published in the 63rd edition of the prestigious Marquis’ "Who’s Who in America" publication.